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Advancial Federal Credit Union

Advancial Federal Credit Union is growing its presence in Texas and PRIDE Drywall & Acoustic Ceilings is helping. On these new build projects in DFW and Houston, our team has been entrusted with the following scope: 

Type B Walls 35/8’Metal With 5/8”Drywall

Type C Walls 3 5/8”Metal With Insulation & Drywall

Type C2 Wall 6”Metal With Insulation & Drywall

Type F Wall 6”16ga Metal With 5/8”Drywall Over Wire Mesh

Type G Wall 3 5/8”Metal With 5/8” Densglass & Drywall

Fur Downs @ Barn Doors & Gyp Ceilings

Drywall Ceilings

2 x 2 Ceiling Grid With Ultima Tile

2 x 2 Ceiling Grid With Translucent Tile

Doors, Windows & Side Lights

Doors, Jambs & Hardware

Provide & Install TBT & Paint

Provide & Deliver Door Jambs & Window Frames



2022, 2023


Houston, TX; Dallas, TX




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